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CG. ink your one-stop creative spot


black and white photo of owner and operator, Chris Gattorna, observing a letter "C" above him

think ink.


15+ YEARS OF INDUSTRY expertise

to working for myself

Hiya! I'm Chris Gattorna,

the one-man show behind CG. Ink.!

With decades of experience in graphic design, web, and print production markets, I have a sole mission; to help small businesses and local organizations stand out from the crowd while staying affordable. 


Branding is the cornerstone of any successful business, which is why I set out to create outstanding graphics and cohesive aesthetics to build awareness and communities around your brand. I pride myself in being a versatile designer who can help you with just about anything you need to get your brand noticed. In a world with so much competition, it's vital to stand out and engage your audience in unique and interesting ways. 


CG. Ink is a blend of my kid-at-heart personality and colorful, bold aesthetic with proven business know-how. I set out to create a brand that both reflects and draws in like-minded people and businesses wanting to make an impact and have fun while doing it!

I believe in a collaborative approach, and in working with you, not for you, to create a solution that boosts your business to the next level! I'll take your ideas, combine them with my creative flare, and bring that vision to life!

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